Our Mission

Our purpose is to serve families with love, education, and life enhancing care so that they may innately express their true potential and optimum health throughout life.

Dr. Justine Blainey-Broker

chiropractorDr. Justine Blainey-Broker is “that girl” recognized for removing sexual discrimination in sport from the Ontario Human Rights Code before the age of 15. Today Dr. Justine is a Chiropractor, a wife, a mother of two and a warrior for health and wellness. She is an active community volunteer, working with Excelsiors Lacrosse and Brampton Womens Hockey. Dr. Justine is also a popular motivational speaker at schools, York University, local businesses and charities. She believes that everyone deserves a healthcare team that focuses on prevention, optimal health and open communication.


Dr. Blake Broker

dr_broker“As a chiropractor, I am blessed with the opportunity to help families in our community express optimal health. Working with the patients to remove obstruction from their healing potential is both a challenge and a reward. By removing the interference your body is able to express true health. I would love to help you along your journey.”


Dr. Steve Gillis

dr_gillisDr. Steve Gillis completed his undergraduate education in 1994 receiving a Bachelor of Physical Education from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Dr. Steve furthered his studies finishing his post-graduate education at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic and graduated as class valedictorian in 1999. Throughout his high school and university athletics Dr. Steve was a nationally ranked track and field athlete in the long jump. Professionally, Dr. Steve has practiced in Sydney, Australia and Hagersville, Ontario and since April 2001 has been with the Justine Blainey Wellness Centre. Dr. Steve is certified in Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) in the spine, upper and lower extremity modules. Currently Dr. Steve is the team chiropractor for the McMaster Marauders Varsity Swim Team, the McMaster Triathlon Club and the Mississauga Ice Dogs. Dr. Steve is the only doctor in Brampton providing A.R.T. Services.

Dr. Linda Finn ND

Dr Linda Finn Naturopath BramptonDr. Linda Finn ND brings a wealth of experience as she has practiced naturopathic medicine for 13 years in an Integrative Medical setting. She has treated a wide range of concerns, and utilizes nutrition, supplementation, acupuncture, homeopathy and certain herbal approaches, as well as physical therapies. She looks at both the function of the organ systems and the function of the musculoskeletal system to help determine what needs addressing in an individual’s health. She is also experienced with functional medicine testing, which helps to pinpoint multiple nutritional deficits which impact the function of the human body. She enjoys individualizing care for her clients, and coaching them on how to support their individual makeup for optimal wellness.

As a Physiotherapist with 35 years of experience, Linda Finn PT spends one-on-one time with her clients, using musculoskeletal – targeted acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, customized manual therapy and exercise to help address her clients’ joint and muscular problems. She has extensive experience with temporomandibular problems having worked with a wellness dentist as well as an orthodentist. She has a special interest in treating chronic pain.

She looks forward to meeting you, and supporting your health journey.

Dr. Wayne Singleton

Blainey siteDr. Singleton has been practicing chiropractic care for 40 years and has been a chiropractic patient himself for 55 years. He has studied various chiropractic techniques such as non force instrumental, tonal models of care and applied kinesiology (A.K.), and acupuncture. Dr. Singleton has attended several nutritional seminars and is certified in “First Line Therapy” nutritional protocols. He has been to numerous post grad courses on case management through Parker Research, Brimhall protocols and Pettibon procedures. This all adds up to 90 seminars for post grad training from Dallas and New Orleans, U.S.A. to Thunder Bay, Ontario from Vancouver B.C. to Oxford, England!
Wayne is married with 4 kids and 11 grandchildren and his interests include reading, weight training, traveling, photography and spending as much time as he can with his wife.

Dr Wayne’s core belief is that there is no substitute for a chiropractic adjustment of the vertebral subluxation complex. The body is self healing but is incapacitated because of spinal- neural interference by the subluxation.

Dr. Bakshish Bhayee

dr-bahshish-bhayeeDr. Bakshish Bhayee completed his honours Bachelor degree in Physical Health and Education at the University of Toronto in 2010. His passion for studying the human body along with nutrition, rehabilitation and performance training led him to attain his Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where he graduated with clinic honours. In addition to being an Integrated Therapeutics (IT)™ certified provider, Dr. Bhayee is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Personal Training Specialist (PTS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Canfitpro respectively. Dr. Bhayee uses an evidence-based approach when creating quality and individualized treatment plans for patients of all ages and conditions related to the body’s spine, muscles, joints and nervous system. Dr. Bhayee has a strong passion and interest in performance and resistance training, sport-specific training and rehabilitation. In his spare time he enjoys staying active by going hiking, trail-running, and playing basketball.

Dr. Amrit Sahota

Dr. Amrit Sahota graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences (Hons.) in Kinesiology degree from York University in 2011 and went on to pursue her passion for the human body and health care at New York Chiropractic College. Dr. Sahota gained unique clinical experience in Buffalo, NY while she interned at Veterans Affair Western New York Health System before obtaining her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2015. Being an athlete throughout school she understands the importance of being healthy-both physically and mentally  and continues to share her passion to help others optimize their health, decrease injuries, eliminate pain and enhance general  well being. Dr. Amrit is certified in  Active Release Therapy ( A.R.T) in upper and lower extremity modules as well as RockTape Fascial Movement Taping. In her spare time she enjoys weightlifting, meal prepping and gardening.

Dr. Linda Brown

Dr. Linda BrownDr. Linda Brown, ND has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine for over 15 years.  She loves to share her life experience and is especially motivated by motivated people who are excited to do what it takes to attain and maintain excellent health.  One of her strengths is to inspire and educate women to live a health-conscious and fully-abundant life.

Dr. Brown, ND graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and is a member of the Canadian and Ontario Associations of Naturopathic Doctors.  She utilizes nutritional and lifestyle counseling, herbal and homeopathic remedies, detoxification, as well as several hands-on therapies to address the Mind-Body Connection.  Dr. Brown, ND is a big proponent of self-healing, and very caring and empathetic to the plight and journey of the acutely or chronically ill patient.

Some of the health challenges she successfully sees include Seasonal Allergies, Food Sensitivities, Stress and Low Energy, Digestive Health issues, Adrenal/Thyroid Imbalance, Inflammation, as well as Emotional Wellbeing which can have a severe impact on a person’s physical state of health.

Dr. Brown, ND is an active member of the community, and has been involved in community volunteer work and health promotion through education and music throughout the world.  She has worked with Natural Doctors International (NDI) offering free healthcare to local villagers, while teaching and mentoring students and other healthcare providers in Ometepe, Nicaragua.  She speaks Spanish and some French and is also an experienced percussionist, combining music and frequency to explore the healing nature of sound.

When not working to help her patients, Dr. Linda Brown, ND can be found outdoors – running, biking, or just by the water enjoying the healing power of nature.