COVID-19 : We are currently not closed. We are open!
Stay Active with Dr. Justine Blainey
COVID-19 : We are open!

Stay Active with
Dr. Justine Blainey

Manage Stress and Achieve Wellness With Our Virtual Healthcare Services

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, our top priority is keeping our patients, families and team safe as we continue to closely monitor the situation. The Justine Blainey Wellness Center will remain open. We are currently accepting acute patients, emergency cases, those with chronic conditions, as well as families and athletes!

Stay Healthy!

It can be easy to feel a little restless while we’re stuck inside. To accommodate this new, unprecedented situation, we’re introducing virtual care services to keep you active, eliminate stress and improve mental wellness.

Enjoy our library of videos made just for you while you’re staying safe and healthy indoors!



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