Corporate Wellness

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Do you want to lower mistakes caused by stress?
Lower absenteeism from injuries or lower back pain?

We can help!!

Dr. Justine Blainey is available for health and safety talks in the workplace all over the Brampton area. She will come to your workplace and provide a complimentary lunch and talk which is completely tailored to the needs of your work space.

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Whether your job requires you to sit or stand for long periods of time or requires you to perform repetitive tasks or even if it is extremely physically demanding- we can help you achieve maximized health!

Dr. Justine will give you and your employees an explanation of why certain problems may be happening and how you can prevent them. You will be given exercises and preventive measure that you can implement immediately.

Here are just some examples of talks we’ve done!

Prevention of Lower Back Pain & Injuries
How to Harness 10 Times More Energy Daily!
Sitting On The Job- How to Stay Fit While You Sit
Fitness & Weight Loss- Let’s Get Ready For Summer
Standing On the Job- Your Back To The Future

Husky Canada has had great success with their wellness initiatives- they reported savings of 8.4 million dollars as a direct result of its program! Turnover rate is 5% lower than the industry average and absenteeism is average 4 days a year versus the industry average of 7.3 days per year.

Source: Globe and Mail—Human Resources Development Canada

Get these sort of results at your workplace by booking your corporate health and wellness talk today!

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